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For example, get some fresh flowers, a new plant, a painting, some brightly-coloured cushions, anything that will cheer you up and raise the vibrations around you. Current Astrology Articles. August 15, Current Astrology Articles. The process of de-cluttering very often brings extra money into your life. If so, this can be done more easily during this three and a half week period.

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Virgo also rules your health and your physical body. This would be a wonderful time to go to the doctor or the dentist to get checked out. Did you know that many people suffer from allergies, lack of energy, chronic fatigue or painful joints, and they have just adapted their lives to put up with it?

Venus in Virgo - Virgo Venus Sign and Venus in Virgo Transit Meanings

Are you aware that maybe some of the foods you are eating are causing you to feel sluggish? Maybe you are allergic to gluten, dairy, seafood, even sugar??

There are many different tests available that can help you to pinpoint some of your daily habits with respect to your health that perhaps are not serving you. Make the most of this transit by learning as much as you can, doing your own research, asking questions and resolving to make improvements to your well-being. Or you may even like to qualify in the medical profession as a doctor or nurse, or in the alternative fields such as homeopathy, osteopathy, naturopathy. There are so many natural products available to us that can help with different ailments.

Whilst allopathic drugs are sometimes necessary, they do tend to have many adverse side-effects. The advantage with naturopathic medicine is that it allows the body to heal from the inside out.

Venus Transit Predictions: Based On Moon Sign - Ved Shastra

Venus in Virgo is a good time to do anything that makes you feel healthier and rejuvenated. For example, get a massage, facial or reflexology treatment, go to a spa, or go on a cleanse. It could be something like going out and buying a light bulb that needed replacing, or putting petrol in the car, or doing the shopping and cooking a healthy meal. Throw it out—that stuff expires, you know! These next few weeks are all about taking your relationships—especially the ones at your job—more seriously and working on improving them in a practical way.

Venus Transit in Virgo- 10th September 12222

Venus in Virgo is helping your relationships with your home, your roommates, and your family feel sooo much better. You have a sharp eye and want everything at the house to look and operate perfectly, and that includes your relationship with your roommates and family members.

This transit is helping you get out of your shell, forget your usual shy tendencies, and expand your social life , so pick out some fly outfits for this weekend and go out with the gang! Venus in your sign is doing wonders for your love life, home life, friendships, and just about everything else for the next few weeks! Venus in Virgo is turning down the volume in your love life, if not straight-up putting it on mute for the next few weeks.

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  • Beauty-Loving Venus in Earthy Virgo!

This goes for all Libras: Since the 12th house also rules the completion of cycles, an ex could pop up out of nowhere and start acting a fool. Take it as an opportunity to squash any beef between the two of you or cut ties for good! It you, Scorpio, especially when it comes to who you let into your friend group. A big bonus, a raise, or the opportunity for a promotion might come out of this Venus in Virgo transit, so bring your A game. So, the planet of love is working its magic in your relationships for the next few weeks—obviously, this is a wonderful time for your sex life, your romantic relationships, and your friendships.

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